Nature Reclaiming

5 acres of the land with mere three trees has seen a complete transformation in 5 years from a farm to a jungle. We have been successful in bringing back natural regeneration of grasses and triggered a chain reaction resulting flourishing birdlife at Bijapur Lodge resort in Jawai. Around 10,000 plants of local species on the farm has been planted to create a micro climate for all living beings and converting it as top places to visit in Jawai bandh Rajasthan for bird watching in Jawai.


The Kelu

Old mud roof tiles were bought and collected from neighboring villages to set an example that how these tiles can be reused with modern construction (Reinforced concrete) giving you best insulation or weather proofing. These mud tiles on the roof keep the rooms cool in summers and worm in winters, helping us reduce electricity consumption thus, reducing carbon footprints.


The Wood

We can proudly say that not a single new tree was cut to shape our doors windows and furniture. The wood that we have used is at least a century old and was procured from logs used in old “Havelis”. In the neighboring state of Gujarat these large & old houses are often auctioned to be dismantled. We bought the big logs used in the roofs and pillars and used to fulfill our requirements of wood.


Reusing the used wood

The waste that was generated out of these logs gave us ideas to design our indoor and outdoor lights, switch boards and borders, rafters and purnins of “The Dhaliya” (our reception hut) amongst others at our luxury leopard safari lodge in Jawai.

Solar Generation

The lodge has a solar generation plan that produces and meets more than 50% of our energy needs, again helping us reduce our carbon foot prints at our jungle lodge in Jawai.


Water Management

We harvest rain water at the lodge purify it and use it for our daily needs of the resident staff. This helps us in reducing the use underground water. Further, we also make use of the water discarded by our RO (reverse osmosis) plant in watering our oasis and to give a constant supply to our fishes in the small pond in the best forest lodge in Jawai.