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In Rajasthan’s Land of Leopards and Shepherds at the Bijapur Jawai Lodge

. . . in the village of Bijapur near Jawai, it is the stealthy shuffle of leopards that holds sway over residents and visitors alike, and not the legends of brave kings and spectacular battles. In this unexplored destination, time seems to move slower than usual as you observe the elegant felines in their natural habitat. For your post-pandemic getaway, take a chance on the curious mix of wildlife and culture on offer at Bijapur through a luxury stay at the Bijapur Jawai Lodge. Jungle picnics, intimate cultural experiences and wildlife spotting await at the foothills of the Aravallis in Southern Rajasthan . . .

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Jawai Bandh Leopard Reserve gets a new wilderness lodge

. . . “The location of the lodge was picked keeping in mind that it offers access to most of the Jawai Leopard hills and water reservoirs with great bird life within just 10 minute’s drive,” said Devendra Singh Shekhawat, co-Founder of the Resort said. The local communities have always been at the forefront of Bijapur Lodge’s vision. These ecosystems are vital to help achieve long term, sustainable results . . .

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Peak Life

Where Wildlife Meets Luxury: The Bijapur Lodge

. . . Find wild animals, frequent sightings of leopards and birds, and unwind in its picturesque landscape staying at The Bijapur Lodge. It is in tranquility that one finds themselves – far from the hustle of life, nestled in pristine settings. Bijapur, nestled in Jawai, Rajasthan, is a force of nature perfect for one such relaxing experience. Choose from specially scouted locations to choose for a picnic only minutes away from the Bijapur Lodge! Perfect with a rejuvenating calmness, serene calmness close to nature and any celebration – the lodge team will tailor-make this end-of-day experience to suit the requisite . . .

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Bijapur Lodge Jawai: Luxury amidst the leopards

. . . “The idea was not to just build a lodge but to make a difference, and it had to start from the roots. Therefore, whether it is the ratio of land to suites for blending the nature into the architecture, or six keys on six acres of land, planting ten thousand local species in the barren land, or using local construction material and recycled wood with the skill to build the place from ground, sourcing of ingredients from the locality or to support a family with education, etc, all come with thoughts of sustainability and empowering the locality. Bijapur Lodge - Jawai, would move further when like-minded would travel and help contribute in developing communities and wildlife in the region while experiencing luxury, exclusivity and purity,” share both Vikram Aditya and Devendra . . .

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Discover adventure in the lap of luxury with Bijapur Lodge – Jawai

In recent times, wild animals, frequent sightings of leopards and birds with its picturesque landscape have been gaining attention from discerning travelers. Jawai, India’s Leopard hills is one of the few places in the world where one can easily sight leopards in the picturesque locations that is also home to other wild animals and migratory birds. The Jawai landscape is an extraordinary and unique wilderness – land shared (almost equally) between wildlife and humans.

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First India

Experience the Luxury Along With the Bliss of Nature at the Foothills of Aravallis!

For all the travel explorers out there, City First brings to you one of the unexplored destinations, Jawai, situated on the foothills of the Aravallis. One will find the small village of Bijapur, known for its splendid blend of tribal culture and nature. Devendra Singh Shekhawat and Vikramaditya Singh Rathore present the luxurious ‘Bijapur Lodge’, extremely spacious and designed with aesthetically appointed suites where you may experience nature to the fullest.

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The Times Of India

Rajasthan: Elusive caracal spotted in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

JAIPUR: Photographic evidence of the endangered caracal has been reported from the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the country's second wildcat species facing the threat of extinction after cheetahs. The presence of the medium-sized wild cat, which is shy, nocturnal, elusive and difficult to spot in the wild, was recorded at a private resort situated approximately 1.5km away from the sanctuary.

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This Winter, Come For The Leopards And Stay For The Peace At Bijapur

Rajasthan is a tourist’s wonderland. The state has an endless expanse of joys to offer for practically everyone—apart from perhaps the beer-seeking beach aficionados who flock to Goa. Yet, when you talk about Rajasthan, the little village called Bijapur in Pali, western Rajasthan, doesn’t always come to mind. That’s exactly what a hospitality upstart is trying to change with Bijapur Lodge—which pivots itself as a gateway to leopard-spotting, birdwatching, and a sky full of stars.

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For Jawai’s Sweetest Spots, Go Beyond Leopard Sightings

Bijapur Lodge, Jawai’s latest hospitality offering, goes beyond leopards, with hideaway lunches, lakeside moonrises, birding excursions and more.

Perched on the top of a safari jeep hurtling away towards the sunlight-swaddled horizon, I feel oddly buoyant despite my body as a grave of the mustard flies gaining one ignominious century per passing second. These kamikaze devils that crash on every part of my body like artillery fire are my true welcome into Jawai, Rajasthan’s burnished leopard country. Perched on the top of a safari jeep hurtling away towards the sunlight-swaddled horizon, I feel oddly buoyant despite my body as a grave of the mustard flies gaining one ignominious century per passing second.

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Bijapur Lodge In Rajasthan Lies In A Forest Inhibited By Leopards

For Jawai’s Sweetest Spots, Go Beyond Leopard Sightings

The dramatic terrain of Jawai in Rajasthan is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. It is known as the abode of leopards. And the majestic leopards wander freely here. Jawai is a place where humans harmonise beautifully with mother nature. In the heart of picturesque Jawai, lies the Bijapur Lodge, a boutique property that lets guests experience the wilderness up and close. Here, you can indulge in leopard-spotting while taking a dip in the pool or relishing a cup of morning coffee at the moor outside.

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Going Beyond Wilderness At Jawai, A Small Village In Rajasthan

Our trip to Jawai in Rajasthan is going better than we anticipated. Here we are, thinking we’d spot a leopard or two, but it’s just day one and we have been treated to the sight of not just a male and a female leopard but two cubs as well! Whoever said we’d have to be pretty darn unlucky not to spot a few of these majestic creatures in a place that has come to be known as the leopard hills, was absolutely on the money. Soon, we find ourselves inclining towards other inhabitants of the wild.

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Luxury Safari Camp Jawai Rajasthan