Visit to a shepherd's home

The local communities have always been the forefront of Bijapur Lodge’s vision. These ecosystems are vital to help achieve long term, sustainable results. It’s only apt to meet the Shepherds in the land of Leopards and Shepherds. The hosts at the lodge take the guests to one of the Rabari’s abode that’s also home for few of our teammates assisting us in our property, the best leopard safari lodge in Jawai. The smell of the chilies while sipping on the ginger and masala Chai from the traditional chulha stoves awaken the senses and fill anyone with comfort and joy and making it as one of the best places to visit in Jawai bandh Rajasthan.

Jungle Picnic

Amongst the kopjes in a topographical tapestry of dry sand rivers, gorges, agricultural development, hamlets and hills lies the rare beauty only to the discerning travelers. Discover places steeped in the hiding during the trail through various flora. Specially scouted locations to choose for the picnic are minutes away from the lodge. It is here that one finds themselves far from the hustle of life, in pristine settings. The experience complete with the host, cool (or hot) drinks, these moments are precious experiences to be treasured.


The purity of a setting sun in the Jawai backdrop is a remarkable experience, a force of nature. Perfect with a rejuvenating calmness, serene calmness close to nature and any celebration – the lodge team will tailor-make this end-of-day experience to suit the requisite. Nature, clean air, waterbodies and forest skies that turn from sky blue to millions of stars at night - there’s a lot to be grateful about!

Jeep Drive

Jawai landscape promises excellent opportunities for an adventurous terrain including rocks, water bodies and forest. For beginners and serious bird watchers one can spot Bustards, Darter, Quail, variety of Kingfishers, Falcons, Wading Birds and many Migratory Birds. Explore villages, ancient watering holes and so much more while driving through the most magical and dramatic of landscapes.